Globally unique, safe, healthy Sunbathing 365 days a year

A girl in the sunshineIt is medically proven that regular sunlight is necessary for our health and well-being. With people working longer hours, using sun block due to risk of burning, and lack of daylight during winter months, sunlight deprivation is having serious adverse effects on our health.

Essential for health - Sunroom

Real Sunlight's unique 100% safe Swedish "sunlight simulators" fully replicate natural sunlight and provide all the sun's proven health benefits such as better sleep, increase in energy, elimination of SAD, stronger immune system, vitamin D production, increased blood circulation and soothing of aches and pains.
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Proven track record - Sunroom Light Therapy

With over 50 installations across six countries and 8 years of extensive trials with nursing homes, medical and holistic practitioners, spas and leisure centres, our multi-sensory health giving sun therapy rooms works wonders. Everyone feels the benefits, and in many cases peoples' lives have been transformed!
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Leisure, Spa & Wellness

An head massage

Differentiate your business

Real Sunlight creates the potential for higher turnover by attracting visitors and increasing time spent on your premises. Our health-giving, relaxing, warming sun is a great complement to many traditional spa treatments.
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Ease of deployment

Our fully automated Real Sunlight system is cost effective with an average running and maintenance cost of just over £1 an hour. Once deployed it requires minimal management and no extra head count.
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Health practitioners

A woman reading a book in a Real Sunlight environment

Health giving sun therapy

Our sunlight works wonders with all those difficult to treat conditions such as stress, sleep problems, SAD, skin problems and medical conditions such as fibromyalgia. Real Sunlight brings relief and comfort to patients' aches and pains and can help boost their immune system at the same time.
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Light up your practise

We can easily change a waiting area, side room, annex, or a day room into a health giving sun therapy room. Watch your patients enjoy and benefit from Real Sunlight's soothing and healing rays.
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Care, nursing & retirement

Daily holiday for your residents

Stimulate happy memories and conversation of past holidays by creating a health-giving multi sensory holiday experience for residents and patients with the light and heat of the sun, themed beach backdrops, sounds and smells of the sea, lush green plants and sand underfoot! Improve the health, happiness and quality of life for patients, residents and staff by offering a relaxing and comforting escape from daily life. Every day is sunny with Real Sunlight's unique, relaxing, multi-sensory, health-giving experience.
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A retired couple relaxing in the sun

Energy and well-being - Dementia Treatment

Studies of Real Sunlight installations have proven that our sunbathers' moods, energy levels and well-being increase, with this rejuvenated and invigorated feeling remaining with them for days afterwards. Additionally, a reduction or complete eradication of medication for Dementia Treatment patients has been achieved.
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Private, corporate & shared facilities

Our sunlight is a fantastic addition to an indoor pool, gym, Jacuzzi or conservatory. It is also a great way to convert a spare bedroom or almost any other under-utilised space into a health giving sun-drenched paradise that is perfect for relaxing, socialising, yoga or sunlit meditation.

Corporate Wellness

Reduce sick leave by up to 25% and provide tangible health benefits to your staff. Our sun therapy rooms offer much more than just relaxation. Imagine the ability to be transported in 60 seconds to Miami or Mauritius for a creative breakout session, a one-to-one coaching session or a client meeting no one will forget.
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Chatting and relaxing in the Real Sunlight sun

Shared Facility Buildings

With gyms and swimming pools becoming standard for large scale multi residential complexes, a sun therapy room can create a cost effective unique selling point. Our solutions provide a communal space for health giving relaxation and escapism, and with relatively little space required for installation, smaller apartment blocks can benefit too.
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Featured: a Zen garden in Harley Street

Dr Shaim Daya's Harley Street sun roomDr Daya's holistic approach to General Practice embraces the health benefits of Real Sunlight. She has already noticed relief to a host of non specific symptoms including: general fatigue, depression, joint and muscle aches, insomnia, skin and collagen problems and many more as she continues to discover through her patients' experiences.
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