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A retired gentleman enjoying a cocktail in the sunThe healing properties of sunlight are well documented. Improve the health, happiness and quality of life for patients, residents and staff, and offer an “escape” from the usual day to day routines into a unique, relaxing, multi sensory health-giving “holiday” experience. Studies of Real Sunlight installations have proven that not only do sun-bathers moods, energy levels and well-being increase while sun bathing, this rejuvenated and invigorated feeling remains with them for several days afterwards. In addition, early installations in nursing homes have proven to reduce staff sick leave by up to 25%!

See our installations in action:

A group of retirees relaxing in the Real Sunlight sun

Emmaboda Community Centre

An elderly couple enjoying a cocktail in the sun'Loket' is a community centre in a small Swedish town where they are doing a fabulous job bridging the generation gap by combining a nursing home, a kindergarten, restaurant, IT room and a café run by mentally handicapped patients. They even charge other councils to visit and see the results they achieve with their innovative care model.

The management team had read an article in Dagens Industri, Sweden's largest business newspaper, about a nursing home in the north of Sweden that had installed one of our sun solutions. They instantly knew that this would be a great addition to their own activities and were successfully granted a county council grant to invest in it.

Their sun room is free to use and open for everyone in the community. It truly is special to see the joy and happiness of, particularly, the older generation as they enjoy the chance to experience an exotic holiday literally on their door step!

Vanersborgs Council

One of Vanersborgs council's sun roomsVanersborgs council has been pioneering our sun therapy in nursing homes since 2002 and has achieved fantastic results for the well-being of both staff and residents. Their most recent sunroom utilises hexagon lights, enabling up to 10 people to sunbathe at any given time. “We now have four sunrooms in total and our long term ambition within the council is to have a sunroom in each one of our nursing homes” says the local nursing home Director, Gunnar Erlandsson.