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GP’s, Holistic, medical, health centres, hospitals and hospices can all benefit from the numerous health benefits of sunlight. For all those difficult to treat conditions such as, stress, problems with sleeping, skin conditions and Fibromyalgia, Real Sunlight can bring relief and comfort to patients and staff, and build up their immune system at the same time!

Healing is quicker with sunlight - American research found that recovery from operations taking place in the summer time was more successful than those taking place in the winter. This was partly to do with the healing properties of sunlight while also minimising depression (SAD), thereby increasing the feel good factor and general feeling of wellness.

Convert a waiting area, side room annex, or a day room into a health giving sun therapy room, and watch your patients enjoy and benefit from the sun’s healing rays.

Reading and relaxing in the Real Sunlight sun

Wholistic Medical Centre, Harley Street, London

Dr Shamim Daya's sun roomThis practice is run by Dr Shamim Daya, who takes a holistic approach to General Practice with her team of highly skilled practitioners in the field of energetic medicine. Their main focus is on primary preventative care with an emphasis on early detection and early intervention, bringing together the best of both medical and holistic perspectives towards better health.

Their Zen garden sun therapy room is used by patients, staff and colleagues to treat SAD and a whole host of medical conditions caused by lack of sunlight.

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Dr Shamim Daya comments: "Having worked in General Practise for 20 years, trying to help people with a variety of non specific symptoms I am not surprised to hear from my patients, the positive effect that Real Sunlight is having on their overall health and wellbeing."

Comments from Dr Daya’s patients:

"After the first session I felt uplifted and relaxed. I have now had 6 sessions and the difference it has made is amazing. I am sleeping better and have a real feeling of energy and vitality. It is the best therapy ever!"

"I am 80 years old and having had 12 sessions in the sun room, I feel so well like I haven’t felt for many years"

"I was very pleasantly surprised to find this little corner of paradise in the heart of London. Even though I was having a busy day it was amazingly easy for me to relax deeply during my sun room session. I felt totally pampered and then invigorated and ready to carry on the day. I can thoroughly recommend this as a mid day 'pick you up'"

Stranden Nossebro

A relaxing sunlit massageMonika Ljungberg-Andersson, owner of Stranden Nossebro and a long time fibromyalgia patient, used to dream about the possibility of bringing back the sun while on holiday in exotic countries. She was eventually forced to leave her job as a college tutor due to her worsening condition. She then heard about our new sunlight simulators and instantly contacted us.

The resulting 'Tobago' themed beach with 3 round 'Hexagon suns' has 40m² of sunlight, enabling 18-20 guests and patients to sunbathe at any given time.

Her business model focuses 100% on offering sun therapy (the health properties that we receive from warm sunlight) as well as various types of massage and therapies. One favorite is a 'sun' shiatsu massage given in the warm sand in full sunlight.

Her work was recently highlighted by Swedish national television who made a feature of the benefits of sunlight in the very popular show 'fraga doktorn' (Ask the Doctor), with 1.5 million viewers. Watch the videoclip in Swedish national news show on TV4.

Stranden Nossebro was also featured in an article in health publication Halsa-Swedish version of Top Sante. Read it here.

Monika’s business is not only financially successful, but it has also proved that our sunlight environment is making a real health and wellbeing impact on her patients as well as herself!

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