Private, corporate & shared facilities

A sunlit homePrivate or home use

Our sunlight solutions are a fantastic addition to your indoor pool, gym, Jacuzzi or conservatory. With space requirement from 12 square metres, a spare bedroom or any other under-utilised space can also be converted to a sun therapy room. Add a whole host of multisensory props and you have a great space for socialising, relaxing, sunrise yoga or meditation.

A businessman on a beachCorporate wellness

Reduce sick leave by up to 25% and provide tangible health benefits to your staff. Sun therapy rooms can be utilised for much more then relaxation. Imagine the ability to be transported in 60 seconds to “Miami or Mauritius” for a creative breakout, brainstorming or one-to-one coaching sessions. Client meetings with a “twist” are another distinct opportunity.

A buildingShared facility buildings

With gym and swimming pools becoming standard for large scale multi residential complexes a sun therapy room will greatly enhance this setup and create a cost effective unique selling point over the competition. Our solutions provide a cost effective communal space for relaxation and escapism and with little space requirement smaller apartment blocks can also greatly benefit.