Building your sun therapy room

Palm tree fronds in a Real Sunlight environmentReal Sunlight has developed a whole new concept ensuring all your senses will be treated to an authentic "holiday experience". The rejuvenating experience from our sunlight is further enhanced by multiple sensory stimulation.

We work with you to create a unique and authentic environment virtually indistinguishable from reality using Real Sunlight, paradise backdrops, sound and smells of the sea, a gentle breeze and perhaps even sand underfoot to transform your space to a sun kissed haven of relaxation.

Sun therapy themes to date include:

  • Mauritius beach
  • Thailand beach
  • Norwegian west coast
  • Swedish coastal and fishing village
  • Zen Garden
  • Greek beach incorporating a taverna
  • Atlantic cruise liner
  • Serene Spa

A seat in the sunlightA crowd relaxing in the sun clear More sunlit seatsSunlit window clear Sunlit temple on Harley StreetGirl relaxing in a tropical island Real Sunlight environment clear A fishing village themed Real Sunlight environmentSand-covered beach-feet in the sun clear