Questions and answers

Sun loungers in the Real Sunlight sunIs it sunlight?

Yes – it is identical to natural sunlight, but contains greatly reduced UV.

Do you get tanned?

Yes, if used regularly, but it will take longer and is a safer, more natural and healthier tanning than in a solarium.

How does spending time in the Real Sunlight environment compare to spending time in the natural Sun?

One hour in the Real Sunlight environment gives you the same amount of UV as you would get from spending less than 20 minutes in the natural sun on a sunny day in July.

Is the light dangerous?

No – The harmful UV is filtered to a safe level and is well below the 100% safe norm set by the Radiation Institute (= 30 Joule/m2 angled beams, 270 – 400 nanometer).

What is the running cost

The running cost is just over £1 per hour which includes roughly half electricity and half replacement cost of the bulbs

Detailing in a Real Sunlight environmentHow often do I change the bulbs?

The bulbs last between 600 and 1,200 hours. There is a change upward in the spectrum of the UV light bulb over time so in order to optimise the effectiveness some of our customers change this every 450 hours.

How much maintenance does it require?

Very little. The sun was originally developed for industrial use and it is extremely well built. We offer a maintenance contract and can arrange to visit you once a year to carry out various maintenance tasks to ensure your sun unit and environment are working to their optimum safely and efficiently.

Is it a green product?

Yes – it is highly energy efficient and can further significantly help reduce carbon emissions due to reduced demand to travel, since it provides an authentic sunbathing experience and escape on your doorstep.

Chatting and relaxing in a Real Sunight environmentShall I use sun glasses?

There is no need to use sun glasses. In fact, if you do the effect on SAD is greatly reduced.

Why is the cost so high?

The sun may look simple but it is not - it’s cutting edge technology with many years of research and lab work behind it. We are replicating the sun after all. Due to its complexity no-one else in the world has been able to do this and there are no other comparable products-our sun is unique!

Suntech group, who invented and markets the sun unit, is still a company supplying industry with infrared and sun simulator technologies for a wide range of applications. Each solution is designed and manufactured in Sweden according to very tough industrial quality standards (they are built to be used 15 hours a day, 365 days a year and are therefore very robust).

A close up of a Real Sunlight sunlampTo date over 50 sun installations for human use have been built. Since it is a relatively new and specialised product, the possibility of mass production is extremely limited, making the material, tool and labour costs very expensive.