The history of our sun

car testing lamps

Ingemar Nilsson, engineer and entrepreneur is the brain behind the sun technology. He has worked with infrared technology supplied to industry for many years.

Sunlight testing a volvoDue to his knowledge in the infrared field he was approached by SAAB in 1988 to see if he could develop full spectrum sunlight so that they could simulate different sun conditions from around the globe in order to test their cars. He developed a solution but it wasn’t quite full spectrum. He carried on researching and had some breakthroughs, and in 1990 he built the first full spectrum “sun tunnel” for Volvo.

During the next 10 years or so he carried on with his business and delivered more industrial sunlight applications to clients such as Audi, Chrysler and Renault. Then, whilst watching a bingo TV program one evening, he realised that everyone was ecstatic about winning holidays to Mauritius. Having recently also learnt more about all the health benefits of natural sunlight, he thought that since only a lucky few could afford to fly to Mauritius, he could provide this same experience to people suffering from sun deprivation using his sun simulators in Sweden. An idea was born and the next day he contacted the weather station in Mauritius to get further details about their sunlight.

Relaxing with drinks in a Real Sunlight environmentDuring the next few years he involved scientists at Swedish universities and worked with the radiation authority to develop a completely safe sun for everyone to enjoy. Thousands of visitors trialled his sunroom and their feedback showed that while the sun itself is fantastic, his sunbathers relaxed and enjoyed themselves even more in a multi-sensory environment where all their senses were triggered.

Ingemar’s local county council, his first customer, approached him to setup an installation in one of their nursing homes to improve the quality of both the staff and the residents day to day lives. A study was carried out on the staff during the following couple of years and it was shown that their staff sick leave reduced by 25%. This council now has four sunrooms in their nursing homes and are in the development stages of building a large indoor beach to enhance their leisure and adventure swimming pool complex.