The rise of a safe sun 

It is medically proven that regular sunlight is necessary for our health and well-being. With people working longer hours, using sun block due to risk of burning, and lack of daylight during winter months, sunlight deprivation is having serious adverse effects on our health.

Real Sunlight's unique and completely safe Swedish "sunlight simulators" fully replicate natural sunlight and provide all the sun's proven health benefits such as better sleep, increase in energy, elimination of SAD, stronger immune system, increased blood circulation and soothing of aches and pains.  You gradually build up a healthy glow rather than potentially damaging sun tan.

 Real sunlight vs.natural sunlight

Sunlight or solar rays have different health properties depending on the wavelength of the rays. Solar rays between 380 and 760 nano meters are visible to us and lights up our planet. Rays under 380 nm are called ultraviolet (UV) while rays above 760 nm are called infrared (IR).  Real Sunlight fully replicates the natural sun across the whole solar spectrum apart from greatly reduced UV rays to ensure everyone can 100% safely enjoy our sun therapy 

Multi sensory sun therapy

Through extensive trials and customer feedback from hundreds of installations its clear that the surroundings also plays a vital role and we have hence developed several multi sensory interior design concepts which  ensures all senses will be treated to an authentic deeply relaxing experience.


Our unique and authentic environments are virtually indistinguishable from reality using Real Sunlight, HD backdrops, sound and smells of the sea, a gentle breeze and perhaps even sand underfoot to transform your space to a sun kissed haven of relaxation.

History of our sun

Suntech Group AB, who develop and manufacture our sunlight, have worked with infrared industrial applications since the 1970's and further developed their technology in the 80's and 90's to incorporate full multi spectrum solar simulation. 


Vehicle manufacturers who has invested in their solar test chambers such as Volvo, Saab, Audi, Chrysler and Renault has saved £££+ by being able to test their cars in their factories rather than flying them to desert like conditions such as Arizona in The US.  

Suntech Group AB realised that factory workers loved sitting in the sun and started working with scientists at Swedish universities and the radiation authority to develop a completely safe sun for everyone to enjoy. The local council trialled the first multi-sensory sun room for their care residents and have since built another four after a study revealed sick leave among their care staff reduced by 25%.