Recognised as the leading suppliers of safe sun therapy

Our extraordinary sun therapy, currently the first and only invention of its type in the world, fully replicates natural sunlight and sunbathing. The innovation generates full spectrum sunlight with reduced UV, full spectrum light and infrared heat leading to a unique new relaxing and health giving experience. Our sun therapy rooms have been successfully installed in over 300 locations across Scandinavia, The UK, Russia, Eastern Europe and Canada


Sunlight deprivation is having serious adverse effects on our health and well-being.  Real Sunlight is a completely safe way of ensuring that you achieve a healthy dose of sunlight all year round.


Health benefits include improved blood circulation, mental health, better sleep, lower blood pressure, deeply relaxing, soothes arthritis and fibromyalgia, improved skin and the most efficient treatment available against SAD.  

Attract and retain new customers by providing this unique and health giving, self financing wellness innovation. No need for extra staff and fantastic complement to existing spa treatments.  

Sunlight therapy can be offered in a dedicated multi sensory room or adjacent to a swimming pool/relaxation area.  Luxury hotel and spa's, discerning individuals, retirement villages, care homes and even a cruise liner has transformed their offerings with a healthy dose of feel good sunlight!

hedon spa swimming pool sun therapy room

Sunlight therapy will help attract new customers and increase your turnover and customer retention


Our safe sun will bring better health to residents and help your business stand out against competition 


Improved mental health and general well being will ensure your company stays competitive and help retain high achieving staff


Mental health and depression, aches and pains, stress, high blood pressure and other difficult to treat conditions can be greatly helped with a healthy dose of sunshine 


Looking for optimal health and a safe sunny glow, lacking in energy or do you have an uninspiring relaxation area in your spa or home?