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We work with private residents and businesses such as wellness spas, hotels, retirement homes and health clinics the world over to create a Real Sunlight experience that is tailor-made with the end user in mind.  

Want to add a luxurious wow-factor to your home to compliment your indoor pool or conservatory? Done. Looking to increase revenue and introduce a premium feature to your hotel or wellness spa’s offering? We’ve got you. From consultation and concepting to design and fit-out, we provide an end-to-end service to deliver Real Sunlight to your home or business in a way that is unique to your needs.  


Our one-of-a-kind and authentic environments have been described as virtually indistinguishable from reality using Real Sunlight, HD backdrops, sound and smells of the sea, a gentle breeze and perhaps even sand underfoot to transform your space into a sun-kissed haven of relaxation. 


We’re so proud of our work and how safe sunlight has transformed lives and businesses around the world, but we’d rather let the real-world experiences of our clients do the talking. Take a look at how these multi- sensory design concepts have been installed in hundreds of homes and commercial premises across the globe here.


It’s no coincidence that we take a design-led approach to our sun therapy room builds. These unique and completely safe sunlight simulators were first pioneered by vehicle manufacturers during the ‘80s in the world’s functional design capital, Sweden.  

Originally used in factories by Volvo, Saab and Audi among others, to test whether cars and trucks could withstand sun and heat without having to fly them halfway across the world to desert-like conditions, those working on the project quickly realised that the factory workers loved basking in the natural sunlight. These clever inventors started working with Swedish scientists and the radiation authority to develop a completely safe sun for everyone to enjoy and the rest is history.  

Want to learn more about the technology and its benefits? Book a call with our team to learn how Real Sunlight can work for you or your business.  

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