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Beach front boutique luxury health retreat featuring individually designed bedrooms and amazing communal spaces 


Develop overall design and concept to ensure retreat becomes true destination for inspiring and fun visits for weekend retreats or group private hire. 



Developed St Tropez style living, relaxing and entertainment area featuring tropical sun room with DJ decks and beach bar. Retreat now operating at maximum occupancy,  5* tripadvisor reviews with features in the Mail, The Guardian, ITV and Das Bild (German national paper).

PHOTO CREDIT © cene magazine - #14-Sep-O


"Such a fun place to stay. We sunbathed and sunbathed and sunbathed and sunbathed! We live locally to The beach retreat but it felt like we were miles away. I haven't stopped telling everyone about it."

"This is the second time we have visited this excellent property. It is AMAZING. the first time we visited I couldn't believe it.


The owners have installed sun lamps which simulate real sunlight and warmth and decorated the interior in the style of a Miami beach house - all white wood and sails suspended from the ceiling. The main open plan room has a bar, sun loungers and technics decks with a state of the art sound system. You can literally be sipping a margarita in your bikini."

PHOTO CREDIT © cene magazine - #14-Sep-O
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