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A beautiful retirement experience

We want to help you deliver an incredible retirement for your residents, a unique invention which is almost certain to boost the stay of your residents within your care home. Real Sunlight instalment has been beyond successful in the care homes which we have worked with, receiving great feedback, and improving the happiness and stay for their residents.

So, how can the Real Sunlight invention transform your care home for the better? A HD realistic sunny location backdrop, great quality comfortable deck chairs, sounds and smells of the sea, and perhaps some sand to add that extra feature are just some of the reasons of transforming your care home for the better. Alongside the luxurious wow-factor in your business, we have many benefits for the residents.

Real Sunlight helps to improve the health, happiness, and quality of life of your residents, along with the staff too, which is a huge bonus. As mention in Older People Need More Sun, Expert Urges it is pretty clear that the sun is beneficial in many ways for the elderly. For the well-being of the elderly, they should be spending more time in the sun. The benefits range from reducing their risk of heart disease, to reducing their risk of developing diabetes. We all know that the sun aids us with vitamin D, and experts say that older people are more likely to be deficient of vitamin D.

The health benefits are never ending, improving your sleep quality, reducing stress, maintaining strong bones, helps strengthen your immune system, fights off depression.

Seeing as its extremely difficult to be out in the sun in the UK frequently, it’s even harder for the elderly. So, what is the best next thing? Real Sunlight. The Real Sunlight is here to provide sun 365 days a year, at any given time, at your fingertips.

Moving onto the safety aspect, the high-end technology used fully replicates natural sunlight and is scientifically backed to deliver all the sunshine’s glorious health benefits safely and sustainably. The innovation generates full spectrum sunlight complete with infrared heat, minus the harsh UV ray. So no need to worry about any harsh UV rays, that we know to be within sunbeds.

Our Real Sunlight installations:

Godswell Park Care Home, Oxfordshire

Colten Care Belmore Lodge, Lyminton

HC One Care Homes, Huddersfield and Across The North

Donisthorpe Hall, Leeds

Head over to our website to view more information on these installations

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