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Don’t burn out! Literally

We have entered that season where all we want is that natural glowy tan, but majority of us being stuck in England, things aren’t looking great. So, what do people assume as being the next best thing? Sunbeds. But let’s change that, the people deserve to know about an incredible alternative.

Not only do people crave a tan, but we love naturally soaking up the feel-good benefits of the sun. Sadly, we are not so fortunate enough to have the sun out long enough to achieve this, so as a result people flock into sunbed shops for their quick fix. But what cons does this “quick fix” come with? Sunbeds give out a much greater dose of UV rays, and as a result of the ultraviolet rays, this in fact increases your risk of developing skin cancer. The risks further depending on factors such as, how often you use a sunbed, the duration of your sunbed sessions and age. The reason most people do not take this seriously is because it’s not always possible to see the damage it has caused; symptoms of skin damage can take up to twenty years to appear.

Thankfully, the Real Sunlight to be the perfect alternative. Not only is Real Sunlight completely safe, but also an innovation which generates the full spectrum sunlight complete with infrared heat, minus the harsh UV rays. Real Sunlight is nothing like a solarium or SAD lamp. The high-end technology used fully replicates natural sunlight and is scientifically backed to deliver all the sunshine’s glorious health benefits safely and sustainably. Besides the safety aspect, the mental health benefits are also endless. Having the same benefits as the sun, such as improving energy, sleep quality, blood circulation, rheumatoid arthritis, Inflammatory bowel disease, blood pressure along such a host of preventive benefits when it comes to cancers such as colon cancer, Hodgkin’s lymphoma, ovarian cancer, and prostate cancer. The end result leads to an unparalleled, relaxing experience of sitting in the sun, second to nothing but actually sunbathing in St. Tropez itself!

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