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Let’s help you boost your business

Are you looking for that unique, incredible, and innovative product to boost your business? Something that will increase your revenue in absolutely no time? Well, let us introduce you to Real Sunlight.

We know that the same old products, offers and supplies can be repetitive, boring, and just generally uninteresting to consumers. Especially with the number of competitors within every sector of business’, you need something to stand out from the rest. The Real Sunlight is the perfect innovation to attracting and increasing your business’ revenue.

What is Real Sunlight? The high-end technology that we use fully replicates the natural sunlight, scientifically backed to deliver all the sunshine’s glorious health benefits. Not only does Real Sunlight deliver all the sunshine’s benefits, it does this safely and sustainably. Through extensive trials, we found that surroundings also play a vital role, and of course we took this to the next level through our passion for design to create a stunning space. Our one-of-a-kind Real Sunlight installation has been described as virtually indistinguishable from reality, paired with its HD backdrop, sounds and smells of the sea, a gentle breeze and perhaps even sand to completely transform your space into a sun-kissed haven of relaxation.

We work with businesses such as spa’s, hotels, health clinics and retirement homes, also private residents too. We create a Real Sunlight experience that is tailor-made with the end user in mind. From instalments in care homes, to the number one UK spa, we believe we can transform any business. This is an amazing opportunity to increase turnover, whether it be to complement traditional spa treatments, bettering care homes, to wellbeing at work, Real Sunlight will bring happiness anywhere. We offer an incredible ‘escape’ from the usual day to day environment, with a unique, relaxing multi-sensory holiday experience.

Not only does the Real Sunlight innovation increase turnover for your business, but it is also incredible for wellbeing at work. You can use reduce sick leave by up to 25% and provide tangible health benefits for your staff. Staff mental health issues such as SAD, depression, burnout syndrome and general aches and pains are becoming a huge issue across many companies, our installation can help alleviate all these symptoms.

We are so proud of our work and how safe sunlight has transformed lives and businesses around the world, but we would rather let the real-world experiences of our clients do the talking. Take a look at how our installations!

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